Top 10 B2B eCommerce website designs to inspire new startups in 2022

B2B eCommerce website designs

Design plays the most vital role in our lives. Look around yourself and you will realize its importance in your everyday life. Likewise, it is important for an eCommerce platform too. For a B2B eCommerce website, it is important to have an inspirational website to influence new startups.

During marketing campaigns, the foremost thing which needs to be considered is how the campaign is visually designed in order to attract the maximum audience. It has been observed that most individuals evaluate the business’s credibility by looking at its branding, designs, and website.

For the B2B eCommerce websites, it is essential to look professionally attractive because the customer’s decision is just a click away.  In case the eCommerce website is not enthralling the website visitor and is difficult to use then it is the chance that he will leave the website on an immediate basis and the visitor will not turn into your customer.

To counter this issue, below mentioned are a few most fascinating B2B eCommerce websites that always captivates their visitor’s attention and turn them into potential customers.

1. eWorldTrade

When it’s all about the best eCommerce web designs eWorldTrade is on the top of the list. The website has high-definition graphics which attracts website visitors. It has a separate section of product categories for the ease of the customers. On the top, it has a site search engine from where one can manually search any product, supplier, and buyer by selecting the down-arrow option on the right side.


2. Amazon

Amazon is famous for having a user-friendly website that allows users to find anything they need with great comfort. It has abridged its interface in such a way that in spite of having millions of products accessible on the website, users can reach their desired product. Amazon’s website provides easy navigation options to its users.


3. Welly

Welly is an eCommerce store with a whimsical look and feel. It captivates users’ attention and grips them to stay longer on the website because of its eye-catching colors. This is an American-based first aid brand. It puts the products in the center which provides a modern look and feel to the user. It is designed in such a way that it has a lot of white spacing which helps in improving readability. This website uses an attractive color palette that enhances its look and feels even more.


4. Nova Smart Home

It is a telecommunication company that offers high-end smart devices for homes. Its website is designed in an exceptional way with enticing product demonstrations through an animated 3D house model. Once you select any product, then the page will indicate where that item will be used in the house. This website can be run through the mobile devices too with a few alterations but will provide the best sight through the desktop screens.

Nova Smart Home

5. Protest

Protest is an eCommerce clothing store that has a modern and sleek website. The vibrant photoshoots having a white background captivate users’ attention. When anyone clicks on the photos it lets users shop by the attire displayed in the picture. The best feature for the users who focus on the explicit quality of the product is the quality selection. Users can have a look at the apparel categorized by the quality for instance warmth, breathability, water-resistant, etc.


6. Frans Hals Museum

Frans Hals Museum is the most eye-catching and enthralling website from where you can take inspiration for your eCommerce store. It is a user-friendly website from where antique lovers can view the dates of the exhibitions at Frans la museum and can stay updated about the upcoming or recent events. It is designed in such a way that it has a lot of white space that helps in maintaining readability.

Frans Hals Museum

7. Carrollwood Florist

It is an eCommerce website for flower and plant lovers. It is beautifully designed in a simple way. The website is the best assistance for those who have less or zero floral knowledge. It guides them about which type of flowers fits best on a certain occasion as the product categories are mentioned according to the occasions.

Carrollwood Florist

8. Simply Chocolate

It is an eCommerce chocolate store that is far different from the traditional store. Its modern look and feel make it distinct and prominent as compared to other eCommerce websites. It provides a side layout for the purpose of navigation which promotes a livelier browsing practice.

Simply Chocolate

9. Skull Candy

This audio gadget eCommerce website is full of splendid elements to captivate the site visitor’s attention. The real snapshots of the models using audio gadgets let the user understand how they will look while wearing any specific headset and how the customers include these gadgets into their everyday lives.

Skull Candy

10. Bacca

It is an eCommerce store that provides the stickiest navigation experience which makes it the best choice for mobile users as it lets the user swap the sections very frequently. They focus on highlighting their product’s images, having no backdrop let the images uplift from the colorful background.


Key Takeaways

Above are a few B2B eCommerce websites having diversified nature of buying, selling, different products, using different methods and tactics. But the common thing among them is they all have unique eye-catching and captivating websites.

Having an enthralling website is a must-have, especially for the B2B eCommerce businesses that have just started it out and wanted to stand out among others in order to become notable.

The buying process is directly proportional to the experience customers get on the product’s website. The more professionally-looking the website is the more users will stay longer on it.

An enthralling website plays an important role in the process of capturing more website traffic. On the off chance that the B2B eCommerce website is not fascinating to the website visitor and is boring, with no element of any kind of fun, difficult to use then it is the chance that the user will leave the website on an instant basis and the visitor will not turn into your customer.

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